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Whether you’re preparing to publish a journal article, a dissertation, or a book, you’ve certainly invested a great deal in your work. To be well received by your readers, you’ll need to ensure that the quality of your expression matches the quality of your content. I can help you make that happen.

Writers of all skill levels have blind spots when it comes to their own work. When you pore over your writing, it can become difficult to maintain an unbiased eye. After repeated exposure to the same content, you begin to see what you expect to see and read the meaning you intend to convey. This can lead to lapses that confuse or distract your audience, affect your consistency, or undermine your message. I’ll strengthen your writing by removing these obstacles to clarity and showing you possibilities for further improvement.

Whatever your writing goals, professional editing is a great way to achieve the quality that forms the foundation of your success. I specialize in scholarly nonfiction writing, and I’m always willing to collaborate with creative authors working on interesting, thoughtful, and challenging projects, whatever the topic. Please take some time to explore the site and learn more about how I can help you publish your work with confidence.

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