If you’ve spent much time researching freelance editors, you’ll know that there is a broad spectrum of editorial services and specialties—and a corresponding range of price options. My goal is to offer rates that balance a writer’s budget with the value I add to a project.

Each manuscript has unique needs, which is why I’ll base my quote on a sample of your writing and a general overview of your book. This helps me to understand what your project needs and enables me to form a more precise quote, and it allows you to see the quality of my work before committing to my services. I understand how important your manuscript is to you, and I want you to be comfortable with choosing me as your editor before you spend a dime. I do not charge a fee to evaluate your writing sample.

Upon reviewing your sample, I’ll give you an estimated timeline and price quote. I normally use an hourly rate, but I can offer a per-page rate if that’s your preference. If you choose an hourly rate, you’ll pay only for the time I spend editing. If you choose a per-page rate, you’ll know your cost for the entire project up front. Payment terms and schedules will be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Payment Method:

For our mutual convenience and security, I invoice projects using PayPal.