Authors & Publishers

When you publish a book, your readers will be investing their money, time, and energy in your work. You can make sure their investment is a rewarding one by anticipating and surpassing their expectations. Professional editing is an important part of that process because it helps you to see your manuscript from your audience’s perspective and respond to their needs before publishing.

My goal as your editor isn’t to impose my own style and preferences on your writing; I want your voice to be clear, natural, and compelling. My job is to make your writing more engaging and effective.

In addition to working with self-publishing authors, I’ve spent the last five years proofreading or copyediting more than two hundred titles for Christian publishers such as Reformation Heritage, P&R Publishing, InterVarsity Press, and HarperCollins Christian and for university presses such as Georgetown, Baylor, and the University of Arizona. Although I’ve worked on a broad range of subject matter for these clients, I typically edit in the disciplines of Christian theology, church history, and ethics; national security and American foreign policy; and Latino studies and Native American anthropology.

Contact me today to learn how we can work together to create the rewarding experience you want for your readers.